A fast and effective intercompany online mediation tool.

Save time, money and streamline your business through LEONM. Take the control and increase your profits using online mediation.

LEONM – Legal Online Mediation

LEONM is the first Global Business Mediation Chamber 100% online that solves conflicts between companies within 30 days at reduced costs and controlled by the parties.


Book a mediation session between all parties. Deal signed under 30 days.


Private process, the companies decide what to be disclosed.


No need to bring a court. The agreement already has the power of extrajudicial executive title.


Predictable expenses, managed and controlled by the parties.

Streamline your matters

We focus on problems between national and multinational companies. Our solution brings bilingual mediators of various nationalities who understand the local culture thus facilitating dialogue between the parties. We understand that problems need clear communication and empathy to be solved.


How it Works

To learn more about our solution and get more information, send us a message.

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